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A 90-minute Romantic Comedy

Princess Avali Anaveria has a secret she’s been keeping from her family. When her parents surprise her with the news she’ll be taking over the throne far sooner than expected, Avali sneaks away before the truth is uncovered. She visits her old friend from college in a remote town in Utah where she meets Anderson Habbeshaw, who happens to look exactly like movie star Bennington Farrows. When Bennington and his talent manager stumble onto a viral video of Anderson and Avali, hilarity ensues as Bennington, Anderson, and Avali play a romantic, secret-keeping game of “Who’s Who?”

Our Story

This feature film provides a unique and exciting take on romantic comedy with an emphasis on comedy. Utah is home to the same highest-quality talent as anywhere else in the world, and should be making the highest-quality productions and content. Our goal is to increase the number of professional opportunities for Utah filmmakers while showcasing the immense talent of our “Little Hollywood” production teams.

We Need Your Help

Making a good Feature Film is expensive!  We need your help to make our first feature film a reality.

All Donations can be made at

All contributions are tax-deductible thanks to our fiscal sponsor, From the Heart Productions. 

Upon receipt, they email you the information you need to receive tax benefits. They monitor our budget and expenses through the completion of the film so you can be sure your donation is well spent.

Comments or Questions? Reach out to us at

Our Budget








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Post Production

and Marketing




Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe


Meet The Team

Paul Cartwright - Paul Cartwright_edited

Paul Cartwright

Writer, Director, Producer, Actor

Tiffany Gale (3)_edited.jpg

Tiffany Gale

Producer, Actor

Jade Gottfredson1_edited.jpg

Jade Gottfredson

Producer, Actor

IMG_8320 8x10_edited.jpg

Ethan Kartchner

Line Producer, Actor

Ricardo Costa_edited.jpg

Ricardo Costa

Marketing, Actor

Trish Walker, EP

“I made the magical decision to work with Pepperjack Pictures after seeing the talent, drive and inspiration of the founding members. Being an Executive Producer on their short film has beenan amazing experience. The group has made me feel so special and such a part of the project, that I look forward to working with these folks again and again. It’s been a thrilling process that has taught me so much about the film industry. Like a Master Class in real life. Excited to see what else Pepperjack Pictures brings to the world.”

Tammy and Danh Luu, EP

"My husband and I were very excited to work with the great team of Pepperjack Pictures on oneof their short films. When I saw the names of the producers, I knew that whatever they weredoing would be special. Everyone in the production made us feel very welcoming and a part ofthe team. We highly recommend working with this awesome team."
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